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What's OopsBusted

OopsBusted is a service designed to bring transparency into the realm of modern dating by leveraging advanced technology. Utilizing sophisticated artificial intelligence, including facial recognition algorithms, OopsBusted provides a way for individuals to discover whether their partners are active on popular dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge. With a focus on privacy and ease of use, OopsBusted aims to empower users with knowledge, helping them make informed decisions in their personal lives.

  1. Advance Search Capabilities

    Tailor your search based on specific criteria such as age, location, interests, and more. Our customizable search parameters enable you to narrow down the results,

  2. Profile, Image Recognition

    Leverage our cutting-edge image recognition technology to identify your partner's profile across various dating apps.

  3. Secure and Safe Data

    We understand the sensitivity of the information you entrust to us. Ensuring the security and safety of your data is our top priority.

How OopsBusted!! Works

At OopsBusted!!, we believe in the power of truth and transparency. Founded by a team of technology enthusiasts and relationship experts, our mission is to provide a secure and discreet service that helps individuals discover the online dating activities of their partners. We are dedicated to enhancing trust in relationships through advanced technological solutions.

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Enter Required Information

Input details about your partner, such as name and location

step 2

Make a Payment

Complete the transaction securely to initiate the search

step 3

Receive Instant Results

Our system quickly processes your request and provides results on your partner's dating app presence.

step 4


For premium plans, receive updates if there are any changes to the person's dating profile status.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our frequently asked questions below, or contact us for more information.

What is OopsBusted?
OopsBusted is a service that helps you find out if someone is active on various dating apps. Our platform provides discreet and accurate searches to uncover the truth about someone’s online dating presence.
How does OopsBusted work?
Simply enter the name and location of the person you’re curious about, choose your search plan, and our system will scan through multiple dating apps to provide you with detailed results.
Is OopsBusted confidential?
Absolutely. We prioritize your privacy and confidentiality. All searches are conducted discreetly without alerting the person you are searching for.
What kind of information do I need to start a search?
You’ll need the person's name and their location. Additional details can improve search accuracy but are not mandatory.
How accurate are the search results?
Our searches are highly accurate, leveraging advanced technology to scan various dating platforms. However, the accuracy can depend on the specificity of the information provided.
Can I use OopsBusted for free?
Currently, OopsBusted operates on a pay-per-search model with no free searches. This ensures we can maintain high-quality, accurate services.
What happens if no profiles are found?
If no profiles are found, it means the person may not be active on the dating apps we cover. We provide results based on the information available to us.
How do I pay for searches?
Payments can be made securely through our website using major credit/debit cards or other payment methods like PayPal.
Is OopsBusted legal?
Yes, OopsBusted operates within legal boundaries. However, we advise users to use our services responsibly and ethically.
How do I get my results?
Results will be displayed on the website immediately after the search is processed. For comprehensive plans, detailed reports will be available for download.
Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied?
We strive to provide accurate and useful results. Please review our refund policy for details on eligibility and the process for refund requests.
What else can OopsBusted be used for?
Besides verifying partner loyalty and identifying potential cheating, OopsBusted can be a valuable tool for various other purposes. These include reconnecting with lost contacts, loves, or friends; detecting active profiles on dating platforms; and verifying someone’s single status. Our service provides insights that can aid in personal safety, relationship decisions, and reconnecting with people from your past.
How can I contact customer support?
For any inquiries or support, you can contact us through our 'Contact Us' page or email us directly at

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